As a Supplier of Computer support and services:-

SABA-IT, will, wherever possible, use carbon neutral or low carbon products and packaging and always adheres to strict recycling guidelines. Maintaining a “green” ethos allows us to keep our carbon foot-print low and we always strive to use suppliers who operate similar policies.

· Energy – We have already converted our own offices to lower our carbon foot-print, our servers use  Eco or  “green” marked products such as hard drives and PSU’s. We have, using  virtualisation,  reduced the number of  servers and host computers that we use by utilising all of the redundancy of  every hardware platform available to us i.e. We now have more services and computing power today  whilst using approximately half of the electricity compared to last  year.

· Resources and Waste - We already minimise the amount of waste generated from our processes by  efficient  ordering and staff awareness. Much of our waste packaging is currently recycled and we  plan to investigate improved re-use and more sustainable packaging solutions.

· Pollution - We will identify any potential risks of pollution to water, air and land from our processes  and implement measures to avoid such incidents. Transport is a major source of air pollution and we  see it as a priority to ensure that we use the most sustainable transport systems to minimise this  pollution while maintaining prompt and efficient service to our customers.

· Complying with the Law - We are committed to complying with, or exceeding, all environmental  legislation that applies to our operations and aim to ensure that our suppliers will follow our example.  We will keep up-to-date with current and forthcoming statutory requirements as they arise.